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M.W. Saussé & Company, Inc. has capable Engineering and Fabrication staff that are ready to undertake a wide variety of challenges. We pride ourselves on being on the forefront of adapting to the latest national and state specific building codes. We have extensive experience in designing for projects under jurisdiction of various governmental agencies on the federal, state and local levels.


M.W. Saussé & Company, Inc. has experienced Professional Engineers on staff, licensed in multiple states. We specialize in assisting mechanical engineers and contractors with anchorage and support of mechanical systems as described below:

  • Anchorage of various equipment including but not limited to tanks, compressors, cooling towers & air handling units

  • Structural steel design for equipment, piping, and ductwork

  • Reinforced concrete housekeeping pad and pier design

  • Shallow foundation design for equipment yards and non-building structures

  • Wood support framing and platform design

  • Finite element analysis for mechanical units (in lieu of shake table testing)

  • Analysis of existing structures to check adequacy under new loads for change out of old units

  • Post-installed anchor bolt design for equipment and frames (using any code listed anchor bolt requested where applicable)

  • Cast-in-place anchor design for embedment plate system


​ City of Los Angeles Licensed Type 1 Steel Fabricator, certified for light-gauge steel, medium-weight steel, and rebars.

Seismic Roof Curbs

  • Sheet Metal Curbs for units 100 lbs to 40,000 lbs.

  • Sheet Metal Curbs with built in isolation systems for units 100 lbs to 3000 lbs.

  • Heavy Duty Curbs with built in isolation system for units 3000 lbs to 25,000 lbs.

Steel Frames with Spring Mounts

  • Isolation systems with steel frames for units 300 to 500,000 lbs.

Custom Support Frames

  • Custom Support Frames for all kinds of equipment, light duty to super heavy duty.

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